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Buy a condo instead of paying rent Buy a condo as investment
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Buy a condo instead of paying rent

Why would you pay rent when you can own? In today's world with all the benefits that come with ownership, it is hard to believe how many qualified people continue to throw their hard earned money right out the window or should I say into their landlord's pocket.

Most people don't realize how easy it is to become a homeowner. In most scenarios, the monthly payment is not much more than what they are paying in rent. With ownership you have the benefits of:
  • Appreciation - the value of your condo WILL increase over time
  • Tax Write Offs - the amount you pay in interest and taxes will be taken as a deduction on your tax return (1040). That means BIGGER refunds! (consult your tax advisor)
  • Make your Living Space, your Own - you can finally paint the wall the color that only you want, the freedom to make things the way you want them.
None of these benefits are there for the renter. The only person enjoying these benefits is your landlord.

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Buy a condo as investment

Buying a condo as an investment is probably the easiest way to get your start to building a real estate portfolio. The major benefits to buying a condo versus your traditional apartment building would be:
  • Little Money Required - you can purchase a condo with little or no money down. It is the smallest investment you can make to get into the real estate market. Since most condos are much less than a traditional apartment building, more people can qualify to purchase one.
  • No Hassle Investment - you can buy a unit with an existing tenant and simply take the place of the old landlord on the lease and start collecting rent immediately. The existing security deposit is also turned over to you at closing.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free - your assessments will include most of your general duties such as lawn care, cleaning, trash removal, general upkeep, etc. You need to pick up your rent check and maybe fix the occasional leaky faucet, that's about it.
  • Low Risk - since condo ownership is the least expensive way to enter the market, your loan therefore is less also.
  • Easy to Get Out - if it is easier for you to get into the real estate market by buying a condo, so it also will be for the person who buys yours. There is a larger market that can afford your condominium than a traditional apartment building.

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At Home Realty Investment Funds

When we search the Chicago land apartment building market looking for the next great conversion, we don't want to pass up a quality project just because the capital required is not there. So we pool monies from investors to have for any additional capital outlay needed to secure projects. These projects have brought returns as high as 100% (APR). We raise monies on a pledge basis with 5% of the pledge due upon signing. Pledges are required to be at a minimum of $50,000 (We have people that pool together to come up to the $50K via an investment corporation they form). Larger pledges, $100,000 and up receive certain privileges such as priority investment, large pledge dollars take priority when needed to reach a certain dollar investment. For example, if we need $1,000,000, two $500K pledges will take priority over $50K pledges.

There are NO guarantees, if you are not ready to be able to lose your entire investment, we do not recommend you join our program. When returns are projected as high as some of these projects are, risks are involved. We minimize these risks by taking conservative stances on sales numbers and work off true estimates when it comes to capital improvements. We have been involved in over 1,000 units being converted successfully, that kind of experience is the largest factor in reducing our risk.

At Home Realty Investment Fund IX is waiting for the next great complex to convert right now!

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